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When the Moon Blots out the Sun, You Better Run - The Eclipse Season Has Begun

Since time immemorial, the denizens of Atlas have looked to the skies and beyond for answers. If Atlas itself was filled with many strange and wonderful creatures and peoples, what lay beyond the reach of men and dragons? Then The Eclipse happened, and the sky opened up for the first time. 

Talariok, Zel’Noth, Ikaros, and Quasar were among the first wave to reaffirm what many on Atlas feared… that they were just tiny lives on one small planet, in one remote part of the Universe, in one of the infinite realms. These extraterrestrial dragons and their riders were so strange, so feared that the well-known nursery rhyme spread far and wide, and children sing it softly still with their eyes slowly scanning the inky abyss of space for danger: “When the Moon blots out the sun, you better run, The Eclipse season has begun.”

Eclipse Season Updates

Branch + Prize Updates

The Eclipse Season follows the same basic structure as Souldance with some additional changes. The major branches will contain 6 season keys each, while the Mission Boost branch will contain 1 season key. The Festive Dragon branch will be a shorter branch with 3 season keys and a repeatable Draconic Chest final node. 20 total keys are required to unlock your choice of either Mythic Dragon. Mythic Dragon branches will be available at no Sigil cost and all of the Dragon’s evolution stones can be claimed for free once the branch is unlocked. All major Dragon branches will have a Verdant Tier evolution stone available to evolve them to the highest current in-game Tier.  

  • This Season, the Legendary Dragon branches will require 37.5k Sigils to complete each line. 

  • The Base Boost, Dragon Rider, and Electrum Tower branches will require at 37.0k total Sigils to complete.

  • The Resurrection Dragon branch will require 37.5k total Sigils to complete

  • The Festive Dragon branch will require 18.75k total Sigils to complete, with a repeatable Draconic Chest at the end. This branch will give guaranteed shards to get the festive dragon to Obsidian tier and will also contain 3 season keys.  

Similar to previous Seasons, players will have a choice-based prize where Gold Chests are typically found in a branch. Just like Dragon Rider crafting shards, players will now have a choice of what resources to collect from certain prizes in Seasonal branches. The choices will allow players to claim either Gold Chests or a static amount of items that can be found in Gold Chests, such as Elemental Embers, Inner Fires, and Timers. If a Seasonal prize would originally distribute multiple Gold Chests, the equivalent value of that resource will reflect the quantity of Gold Chests in the alternative choice.

For example, a player comes upon a prize in a Seasonal line that originally offered Gold Chests to claim. Now, this player has the choice to claim the Gold Chests or instead claim Elemental Embers or Inner Fires. The prize will be an either/or structure, so once the chosen prize is claimed, it cannot be traded or changed.

Branches and Boosts

Limited Time Branches will make a return in the Eclipse Season! These branches will focus on a variety of resources and at least one branch will appear throughout the season for one week at a time. After the week duration has expired, the branch will disappear and prizes in them cannot be claimed further, so be sure to claim them while they’re available!

Limited branches themselves will be much shorter and cost fewer Sigils than their Legendary branch counterparts, and they will feature a multitude of items to help you on your War Dragons journey! You’ll even have the opportunity to obtain Seasons Key in some limited branches! More information about these branches will be announced as they become available

Universal Justicar

Protector of all planets in the cosmos

Justice is a rare event in the endless emptiness of space. In the dark gaps between stars and worlds, just about anything can happen in secret. The dragon-entity called Talariok is, therefore, one of the few creatures amongst the stars with a mandate to ensure fairness and order in the cosmos. This unflinching dedication to shining principles has inspired many cultures in many worlds, and now with the Eclipse and the arrival of Quasar, Talariok has come to Atlas for the first time. Perhaps the peoples of this world will laud this dragon too if justice is able to be upheld.

Legendary Ice Sorcerer


  • COLD SNAP - Active| White | 1 Rage
    Damages all towers in target area for (14)% of HP and freezes them for (5) seconds. Cooldown: 1s.

  • CELESTIAL JUSTICE - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Dragon gains (180)% increased breath damage for (4) seconds and freezes towers hit by its breath attack for (1) second. Cooldown: 3s.

  • SUPERNOVA - Active | Red| 1 Rage
    Deals (15)% of dragon’s modified HP as damage to nearby buildings. Dragon gains brief invincibility, instantly restores (3) rage (net 2) and restores (20)% of its health Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 5s.     

  • ICY FRACTURE - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Deals (2500)% of dragon's attack power as damage to all towers in target area and restores (2) rage (net gain 1 rage). Cooldown: 6s

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Talariok is an offensive sorcerer with a mix of destructive and disabling power. 

Talariok’s main offensive spell is Cold Snap, which damages and freezes all towers in a target area. Cold Snap freezes towers for quite some time, so the spell is excellent for locking down threatening towers while you deal with other dangers. Cold Snap can also protect Talariok from Mage towers, as freezing the tower while the supershot is mid-air will nullify the rage-drain effect. 

Talariok’s next spell is Celestial Justice, which empowers the dragon’s breath attack to deal more damage and briefly freeze towers. Celestial Justice allows Talariok to disrupt many towers at once by interrupting tower attack animations and nullifying any mid-air projectiles, just like Cold Snap. Talariok’s different freeze effects cannot stack, however, and applying one freeze to a tower will not remove or refresh any existing freeze effects. 

On the defensive side, Talariok has Supernova, which restores rage on cast, damages nearby towers, and briefly makes the dragon invincible. Supernova is Talariok’s only means of healing, so the spell’s cooldown should be carefully managed to keep the dragon alive. Notably, Supernova can always be cast for its healing effects, as Red Mage towers will only block the spell’s damage. 

Talariok’s final spell is Icy Fracture, which heavily damages towers in a small target area and restores rage on cast. The spell cannot be spammed due to its longer cooldown, so it is best saved for destroying high-threat towers, like Mage towers and Crystal Howitzers.

Portrait: Starseer

Star Eater

Drains the light from distant stars, blinking them out of the night sky.

Zel’Noth is the single dragon who appeared during the Eclipse who is already known to some of the inhabitants of Atlas. Certain of those who worship beings from the hungering Void, a few astromancers, and some devoted followers of nature have heard of Zel’Noth, and its terrible legacy of star-eating. It is unknown what this monstrous, violent dragon will do now that it has arrived, but those who care for Atlas pray that Zel’Noth does not turn its predator’s gaze on their sun, blazing away with alluring warmth above.

Legendary Dark Hunter


  • VOID TOUCH - Passive | Yellow
    Dragon's breath attack debuffs towers to take (30)% increased damage.

  • STAR EATER - Passive | Yellow
    Gain The Empty Void spell from the last tower your dragon destroyed.

  • THE EMPTY VOID - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon cloaks for (2.5) seconds and is briefly slowed. Upon uncloaking, damages nearby towers for (16)% of dragon’s modified HP. Dragon can use breath attacks, spells and cast consumables without breaking the cloak.

  • SLAYER’S MARK - Active | Red  
    Mark a target tower. When marked tower is destroyed, dragon heals for (20)% of its modified HP and restores (1) rage. Cooldown 5s.

  • SYPHON STRIKE - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Instantly destroys towers in target area. Heals dragon for (20)% of it’s modified HP on cast. Cooldown 2s.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Zel’Noth is a surgical hunter with high single-target damage. 

Zel’Noth’s main offensive spell is Syphon Strike, which massively damages towers in a small target area and restores health on cast. Syphon Strike is an excellent tool for destroying problematic towers, enabling the dragon’s colored spells, and triggering one of Zel’noth’s abilities: Star Eater, which begins battle as a passive. Whenever Zel’Noth destroys a tower, Star Eater transforms into the Empty Void, which cloaks Zel’Noth briefly. During the cloak’s duration, Zel’Noth can attack and use consumables without breaking the spell. When the cloak ends, Zel’Noth damages nearby towers, and the Empty Void reverts back to Star Eater, and can be transformed again by destroying another tower. 

Zel’Noth’s next spell is Slayer’s Mark, which marks a target tower. If the marked tower is destroyed, Zel’Noth restores health and rage. Slayer’s Mark has no rage cost, and can be easily triggered with Syphon Strike, resulting in a massive heal and a rage refund. 

Zel’Noth’s final ability is another passive spell: Void Touch, which empowers Zel’Noth’s breath attack to debuff any damaged towers. The affected towers take increased damage from Zel’Noth’s attacks, increasing the potency of its breath barrage and Syphon strike.

Portrait: Red Giant


Cosmic Observer

Peaceful witness to the history of the galaxy.

The Eclipse brought the arrival of cosmic visitors of all sorts. One of those visitors, the dragon Ikaros, immediately traveled to many learned Dragon Lords. Ikaros was eager for knowledge of this world. Some Dragon Lords were hesitant, worried that this curious dragon had a nefarious agenda, and others were hospitable and welcoming, but over time all were eventually happy to exchange information about Atlas in return for knowledge of the broader cosmos. Ikaros is a traveler and an observer of great insight and has borne witness to many a mighty deed. In time this dragon may flit off to the next world or star, but for now, they are content to remain here.

Mythic Wind Invoker


  • INVOKE: STARDUST - Passive | Yellow 
    Deals (16)% of dragon's modified HP as damage to all towers in target area and prevents them from attacking or using supershots. Disabling effect is removed when tower takes damage.

  • GRAVITY WARP - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Dragon dodges all non-beam attacks for (3) seconds and damages nearby towers for (40)% of dragon's modified HP. Refills Invoker ammo by (100)% Cooldown: 6s.

  • STARRY NIGHT - Active | Blue | 1 Rage
    Takes no damage from elemental attacks. Instantly heals 20% of dragon’s base HP on cast. Duration: 3s, Cooldown 2s.

  • SUPER GALVANIC OVERLOAD - Active | Red | 1 Rage
    Damages (150)% of dragon’s HP to target tower. If this destroys the tower, the second cast pops up that allows (2) rage to be regained at a cost of (6)% of your dragon’s HP. Duration: 4s.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Ikaros is a spell-heavy Invoker who excels at precision attacks. Ikaros’s empowered attack is Invoke: Stardust, which damages and disables towers in a target area. The disabled towers cannot attack or use supershots, and the disabling effect is only removed when the towers take damage. Invoke: Stardust is best used to disable dangerous towers while the dragon focuses on other threats. Mage Towers are particularly important targets, as Ikaros has a number of powerful, colored spells that should be enabled as fast as possible. 

Ikaros’s next spell is Starry Night, which blocks all incoming elemental damage and restores some health on cast. Starry Night has both a short cooldown and duration. The former allows the spell to be spammed for frequent healing, while the latter requires careful timing to reliably block damage. 

For even more defense, Ikaros has Gravity Warp, which briefly dodges all non-beam attacks and massively damages nearby towers after a short delay. Casting Gravity Warp also instantly reloads Ikaros’s Invoker ammo, allowing the dragon to quickly cast Invoke: Stardust multiple times. Gravity Warp is Ikaros’s only reactive protection from Mage Tower supershots. Invoke: Stardust can prevent mage towers from attacking, but the dragon has no other means to stop a mid-air supershot.

The Galactic Graveyard

Raw, natural destruction on a cosmic scale.

It was a chilly, windy day when Sola caused the Eclipse. Autumn was slipping away, pleasant this year due to the lack of a Withermoon, and the dwarves in their nearby enclave had just started celebrating the time of Frostwreath. It had to be done on the very cusp of winter, with the stars aligned just so. Sola had found it hard to wait so long, with the enemies of her kingdom burning more of her people’s precious crops every day, but cosmic rituals require precise timing. And so on that chilly day she finally brought forth the Eclipse, and the being faintly in the shape of a dragon, called Quasar, came from an unimaginable distance away to heed her call and to fight for her. That all went to plan, but it was the other visitors and consequences that Sola did not expect.

Mythic Fire Warrior


  • NEBULA BEAM - Passive | Yellow 
    Passive spell that causes breath damage to ramp while sustained. Each period damage is (50)% more than the last one, caps out at 3x damage.

  • SOLAR FLARE - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Deals (12)% of dragon's modified HP as damage to nearby towers and freezes them for (1) second.

  • BLACK HOLE - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Dragon dodges all incoming attacks for (3) seconds and damages nearby towers for (20)% of dragon's modified HP each second. Dragon flies at (25)% of its original speed. Cooldown 10s.

  • EVENT HORIZON - Active | Blue | 1 Rage
    Dragon becomes invincible for (3) seconds and instantly gains (2) rage. When shield ends, all nearby towers are marked. When marked towers are destroyed, dragon restores (10)% of its modified HP. Cooldown 5s.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Quasar brings the primordial might of the stars to War Dragons, and its destructive power is unparalleled. 

Quasar’s first ability is the passive: Nebula Beam, which increases the dragon’s breath damage the longer it remains on target, up to a cap. If Quasar stops damaging towers, or if the dragon is stunned, Nebula Beam’s bonus damage will reset and need to build up again. 

Quasar’s main defensive spell is Black Hole, which absorbs all incoming projectile attacks and massively damages nearby towers. Black Hole can effectively block Mage Tower Supershots and Crystal Howitzer hits, but beware of Lightning and Dark Flak Towers. The former can cut through Black Hole’s defenses and the latter will disrupt the dragon’s damage output. 

Quasar’s next defensive spell is Event Horizon, which restores rage on cast and makes the dragon invincible for a short duration. After the shield expires, healing marks are applied to all nearby towers, which restore health when destroyed. 

Quasar’s final spell is Solar Flare, which damages and briefly freezes all nearby towers. Solar Flare is best used to disrupt mage tower supershots, but the spell can also be spammed to lock down a dangerous island. Quasar is an incredibly powerful dragon, but its spells have long cooldowns. The different defensive layers need to be staggered to properly protect Quasar throughout battle. If an ability is cancelled, or cast too soon, Quasar will find itself without the means to survive.

Judge of Worlds

Offensive Rider

Skill Tree:

Crafting Shards Elements: Wind / Fire / Ice

Branch Details: Venus’ Season Branch will have her Rider Shards and Crafting Shards mixed in throughout the entire branch.

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